List of five best-selling makeup products in 2022

R+Co BLEU Sleep Masque Night Repair

The luxurious Sleep Masque Night Repair is one of my top products of 2022, and I’m certain it will be popping off and gaining cult status in 2023. It’s a standout from the R+Co BLEU couture-level capsule collection, consulted on by top industry hair artists to achieve the perfect innovative and sustainable formulations. The Sleep Masque Night Repair is the first bottle you should grab. Healthy hair gives colorists a solid foundation to work with for the best possible end-result color, and this masque leaves hair strong and shiny thanks to innovative ingredients like green caviar.

List of five best-selling makeup products in 2022

R+Co Bleu Sleep Masque Night Repair serum

Blonde Solutions Liquid Toner

The Blonde Solutions Liquid Toner semi-permanent conditioning toning mask is a fun new product that is easy to try at home. You can pick which shade you want to boost your blonde color between salon visits, or you can even mix shades to experiment with non-permanent colors and tones.

List of five best-selling makeup products in 2022

Blonde Solutions liquid toners


From: Daphne Javitch, The Holistic Nutritionist

Moon Juice Ting Supplement

When it comes to supplements, I’m targeted and minimal, but Ting makes the cut! I love this new energy enhancer (Vitamin B complex and ginseng) from Moon Juice. Plus, I appreciate that it encourages people to start their day with a tall glass of water since it’s a powder that mixes [with liquid].

List of five best-selling makeup products in 2022

Moon Juice Ting Energy + Metabolism Non-Stim Supplement With Ginseng


From: Betina Goldstein, The Manicurist

Chanel Le Vernis in 911 Terre Brûlée

Chanel’s highly pigmented auburn polish has the perfect balance of rich red hues and brown undertones with depth and sophistication.

List of five best-selling makeup products in 2022

Chanel Le Vernis limited-Edition longwear nail color

Doublemoss Arte Primero Brush Set

Chic and durable, these are the first nail art brushes made from solid brass, which not only resists corrosion from the use of [acetone and alcohol], but also adds the perfect weight for optimal stability and precision. The screw-on caps protect the high-quality vegan bristles, which are safe to be used with both regular and gel polish.

List of five best-selling makeup products in 2022

Doublemoss Arte Primero brush set


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