Red Ginseng Bird’s Nest concealer Liquid Foundation, Red Ginseng Liquid Foundation, Long-lasting Moisturizing Natural Concealer for All Skin (Natural Color+Ivory White)


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  • Naturally Perfect Concealer: It can not only cover the face, acne, scars, and freckles effectively, but also can be used to cover dark circles under the eyes.
  • Waterproof and Sweatproof: All-day anti-oil and anti-sweat Makeup, high concealer, hidden pores, not afraid of high temperature, excellent oil control, from morning to night, the base makeup is as beautiful as ever.
  • Different Colors Suit Different Skin Tones: Natural Color or Ivory White, Let women of different skin types exude their own unique charm.
  • Delicate and Smooth: The color foundation feels delicate and smooth, lightly reduces the burden of basic makeup, and leaves a good complexion.High quality ingredients allow for smooth application and long lasting pigmentation.
  • Moist and Light: A lightweight foundation that enhances and leaves skin silky smooth.The texture is moist and light, transparent and natural, and looks natural.Portable size, easy to carry and easy to use.

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Are you still oily and sweating for summer, do you have the following troubles when using liquid foundation?
1. Take off the mask, take off the makeup and dull
2. Thick face, fake face stuffy acne
3. Oily, sweaty, mottled makeup
4.Dry, peeling, floating powder card powder

Red Ginseng Liquid Foundation has long-lasting concealer to help cover up facial imperfections.
24H moisturizing without sticking powder, help you get rid of the above troubles

– Red Ginseng Extract
– In case of dry nourishment, deep moisturizing
– Bird’s Nest Essence
– Peptide Essence
– Fermented muscle light,Color is not dull
– 24H long-lasting makeup
– Waterproof and sweatproof, not afraid of scratches
– Suitable for all skin types, you can choose according to your skin tone

Product Information
Product category: Liquid foundation
Skin Type: General
Efficacy: Concealer
Shelf life: 3 years
Color: [Natural Color], [Ivory White]
Net content: 30g

2pcs Liquid foundation
1pcs air cushion puff

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